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Custom Headboards

Everyone enjoys a special "one of a kind" piece. Very often, our clients come to us for just that. They don't want their space to look like everyone else's. Creating unique items is one of our favorite things to do for clients! Check out some of the custom headboards that we have created over the last few years.

It’s important to know your space when planning for a custom piece. For example, one of the headboards we created was too tall to go up the narrow stairs of the old house. It was so big that we had to bring it up to the second floor via an outdoor balcony. We planned ahead and worked with our delivery team to have it hoisted up and in!

Versatility is important as well! For example, if you have a guest room and want flexibility for either twin beds or a king bed, use twin beds and they can be pushed together to make a king.

Consider coordinating pieces! We can also make custom bed skirts, pillows, drapes, and more. What other one of a kind pieces do you need to make the space your own?!

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