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Top Down/Bottom Up Shades

Do you know that we offer full-service window treatments? From concept to installation, we are your go-to resource for window coverings! In this email, we dive into Top Down/Bottom Up Shades.

Top down/bottom up shades are window treatments that function in two ways - they can be raised from the bottom or lowered from the top. The biggest benefit when using top down/bottom up shades is offering privacy control. They also provide a versatile view and energy efficiency.

Top down/bottom up shades come in a variety of window treatments including roman shades, woven wood shades, and honeycomb/cellular shades.

They are an excellent choice for those worried about sun glare. Depending on the time of day, you can position the shades in exactly the right way to block the sun while still allowing lots of natural light.

They are great for first floor bedrooms and bathrooms, providing plenty of natural light and privacy, all at the same time. Contact us to see if top down/bottom up shades will work in your home. They may be a perfect fit!

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