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Guest Rooms

'Tis the season of being jolly and hosting family and friends! Just because we're embracing the holiday season doesn't mean we need to bring the holiday chaos into our home, right? Guest rooms help to make family and friends feel comfortable and provide a space for privacy, relaxation, and sleeping.

Enjoy these photos of recent KBD projects.

Layers of blankets and pillows make these beds look cozy and are readily available if guests get cold. This is the perfect time to take a pillow inventory and replace sad, lumpy pillows. Fold extra towels and leave at the foot of the bed so guests don't have to search when they need one!

With many people working remotely, adding a small desk and comfortable chair is key to providing a private work station (or homework station for kids). It also has other uses such as a vanity for hair and makeup, so you could add a mirror to help them get ready!

If space permits, add a cozy seating area. It provides the perfect place to relax with a cup of tea and a good book. If your guests are new to the area, leave out a local magazine to give them ideas for exploring the area.

Other ideas include:

  • A luggage rack to help unpack;

  • Black out shades for a great nights sleep;

  • A full length mirror in the closet so they can check out how they look;

  • Leaving refreshments - bottled water, mixed nuts, and mints;

  • A simple flower arrangement does wonders for a small space;

  • Leave the wi-fi password in an easy to find spot in the guestroom.

Contact us today to help create a guest room space that is warm and inviting. We are your local full service interior design studio with the goal to transform your home into a place for comfort and entertaining.

Select photos by Sonja Zinke and Rise Visual Media

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